ZoëZo Catering

I am hoping to inspire you to try something different, seasonal, bright, and healthful (mostly). Keeping food real.

Special occassion, delicious food!

Weddings are wonderful things! Let me help you make an individual day for you both, a day to remember and treasure.

To follow are just a few ideas to get you started on your dream event, but remember it’s your special day, and we will make it all about you two!

for example

From 2.30 you can serve Pimmes with strawberries, cucumber, mint and ice.

Followed by

A Water melon wedding cake, with farm ice creams and extra water melon pieces on popsicle sticks For a relaxed bbq dinner consider serving:

A Hog roast, (organic,) and beef steaks (Entrecote), and whole sides of fresh wild salmon BBQ’ed. Sides can be served in all sorts of ways, the bride in this case choice vintage looking crates with glass jars. Beautiful;!

Salad Sides on the tables tomato crates filled with artisan fresh breads, herb butters, oil and olives, nuts/seeds, rock salt, with fresh leaf salads and flowers in glass bowls, grain salads, and roasted vegetables, spiced popped corn, all in glass jars. Salsa and Mayo in glass spice jars.(32)

On the tables also jugs of water with ice and lemon, herbs, lavender and rosemary (all natural – and edible mosquito repellents!)

For the Belgium groom a Belgium waffle bar was set up, with Belgium chocolate block, cherries, cream, sprinkles, nuts. Coffee and tea also then available.

Once the dancing started, a Supper snackette was required
Chips and veggies in a ‘punt zak’, with Belgium mayo was the call of the day!

And Marshmallows DIY kits where available by the camp fires out side.

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